No Excuses

  • Put some action on your good intentions!

  • The human mind and body are truly extraordinary.
  They are the quintessence of excellence in motion.
  We talk, touch, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.
  We dream, aspire, and become.
  All that we are is mind and body and spirit—that is our universe.

  • If you are going to become limitless, you must summon the explorer within you.

  • Successful continual learning means maintaining a balance and variety of success-oriented attributes, the most prominent being awareness, confidence, persistence, determination, courage, and focus. But curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity may be even more important as it is these traits that fuel the desire to continue to question and challenge the status quo.

  • Becoming limitless involves mental agility; the ability to quickly grasp and incorporate new ideas and concepts with confidence.

  • How can you possibly do everything you want to do in life if you start doing a bunch of things twice?

  • You become limitless when you overcome what holds you back.

  • Extend beyond your preconceived limits!

  • Your success is your responsibility. Take the initiative, do the work, and persist to the end.

  • Think in terms of opportunities and solutions instead of problems, disappointment, and failure.

  • Value the effort you put forward. Be determined, committed, and involved.

  • Keep an open mind and know that you can always learn more.

  • Believe that your hard work, dedication and persistence will pay off; improve through continual learning and believe in your future.

  • If you are afraid to fail, your successes will be few, common, and unmemorable.

  • Don't make excuses for why you're not doing what you have already deemed critical to your success.

  • The limitless mind lets us dream and examine and explore. It opens us up to opportunity. We come up with a desire, a clear, fresh perspective, and a potential goal to observe from afar. And we wonder, is this it, the right choice, the best choice to follow?

  • Live in the present, but live for the future.

  • The promise of aspiration is that it is evolutionary. The human condition is such that we are always aspiring to be something more, something better, something nobler. It starts as a thought, a want, a need, or a desire and then grows and evolves with intention and direction, upward with lust and hunger. The continued drive feeds the rise.

  • People aspire, learn, and grow when they are ready to commit to the process.

  • People rise to the occasion without hesitation when they feel inspired and challenged.

  • When aspirations are perceived to be achievable, ambition and drive can erase excuses.

  • Core passions and aspirations should be consistent and in sync.

  • When we watch pro golfers, we expect them to play well, to make the shots we know we can’t, and to be entertaining. Their expectation, however, is very different. They expect to succeed!

  • You must be grounded to take flight.

  • An aspirational diet will have you dreaming of success; but it’s the attachment of expectations and tangible goals that feeds the desire, persistence, and fortitude required to make the win.

  • I have been thinking about the idea of excuses for some time now. They are like menacing demons that creep into our lives without us knowing. They are roadblocks, white lies to ourselves, a reason to set the bar lower, and self-justification for achieving less than our full potential.

  • Managing excuses means not excusing yourself from the responsibility you need to take with your thought, words, and actions.

  • Excuses fall silent behind self-control, focus, and direction.

  • Once your excuses are gone, you will simply have to settle for being awesome!

  • The BIG push means being able to develop and sustain momentum toward your goal; it is the process of actively replacing excuses with winning habits, the ultimate excuses blockers.  Moreover, it is being willing to go to the wall for what you want or believe in, to push beyond your previous mental and physical limits, no matter what it takes.

  • Push today for what you want tomorrow!

  • This is about me being ready to succeed.
  When I win in my mind, I truly win.
  Anything worthwhile deserves some time.
  I will do it this time! No excuses!

  • Go BIG or go BIG...there is nothing else!

  • Let your passion in life be as conspicuous as the devilish grin on your face.

  • Keep a positive mind. Remember, a failed attempt doesn’t make you a failure—giving up does.

  • Aspire to high standards, expect strong results, offer self praise, and stack your confidence.

  • Tell yourself often:  I am going to tackle my aspirations head on with the passion and dedication necessary to exceed even my expectations.

  • From within the mind we look out and envision, contemplating and interpreting each new challenge and the action we will take.

  • Visualization engages the mind and encourages the body.

  • For every forward action, there is an equally important forward reaction.

  • If you give up, you reward failure.

  • When you begin to expect that there is always room for improvement, you put yourself in the driver’s seat. Why wait for someone else to figure it out or do it? Expect that you are the one. Expect great outcomes. Expect that you are the best candidate and that you will achieve your goals.

  • Set aside your repertoire of objections and own 100 percent of your focus.

  • Push hard and expect rapid results.

  • Don’t expect to be perfect, but work hard nonetheless.

  • Don’t be tempted to break momentum—work through it.

  • Don’t hesitate and second-guess yourself. Just be the best you can be in every step you take toward your goal.

  • Don’t compromise your focus by comparing what you are trying to learn to what you already know. Focus in the moment, on what you are trying to learn now.

  • Own 100 percent of your focus. The most challenging of endurance drills will bring you to a level of optimal mental and physical performance.

  • If you wanted to be average, you would not be reading this book.

  • Think proactively and dynamically. Be realistic, but set your sights high.

  • Expectations are made to be exceeded!

  • Most of us are continually engaged in some form of pursuit. We are seeking excellence within one or more areas in our lives, and that is the basis of our motivation. It is human nature to have a need to get ahead, need a little something more—it’s in our DNA. Although we may not be certain of what we need at any given moment, we know there’s something. It’s a competitive itch and desire to improve that never goes away.

  • A show of confidence raises the bar.

  • Motivation: to think myself successful!

  • Resilience is not a commodity you are born with, waiting silently on tap. It is self-manufactured painstakingly over time by working through your problems and never giving up, even in the face of difficulty or failure.

  • Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. They revel in their hard-earned victory, and that reinforces their superior level of self-confidence.

  • At that point where you have decided to upgrade from aspiration to expectation and have begun to visualize an outcome, something incredibly important has happened, you have committed to the process of change.

  • Struggle strengthens the human bond and lightens the burden of the human condition.

  • Visualization engages the mind and encourages the body.

  • With your visualization intact, commit to act.

  • It’s not the win that matters so much as recognizing and respecting its value.

  • True confidence is born of experiencing your hard work and seeing your determination pay off.

  • Live today as if there will be many tomorrows!

  • Sustenance! Your health is always the best prescription.

  • I don't ever want to be a fair-weather anything.  Playing through the elements is always better than sitting on the sidelines.

  • When there is no distraction, there is clarity.

  • Success is not random.

  • Haphazard actions don’t bring results!

  • You only live once.  But if you live your life right, once can mean everything!

  • True sportsmanship is…

Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her,
there is no game.

       Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deep-rooted
aspirations and expectations as you.

Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride

Always taking the high road.

And always, always, always being a good sport.

  • True sportsmanship is excellence in motion!

  • When I think of excellence in motion, I think of the big picture. Because of the magnitude of this concept, I look at it from an aerial perspective. It is a mindset that challenges the boundaries of self-induced limits—that point where you aspire to exceed your expectations, where the mind-body-achievement connection resides and wins time and time again.

  • Our bodies are more than just a vehicle for our minds. They are the inspiration!

  • It’s not enough to fill your head with wondrous ideas—you must initiate action.

  • Life’s best coaches are those who believe in you and your potential, sometimes even before you do.

  • Excellence prospers in the absence of excuses.

  • Explore, experience, evolve, and exceed your expectations! - No Excuses!

Make it Happen

  • When healthy competition prevails -- you come out to play and you play to win.

  • Awareness makes us emotionally brilliant.

  • Your desire to succeed must overpower your fear of failure.

  • No one can take the shot for you.

  • To gain self-respect, you need to put yourself first.

  • Upon achieving a lifelong dream, I thought, this is the way to live your life -- in the moment, and to the fullest.

  • It's sometimes easier to help others rather than helping yourself.  The trick is to listen to your "self" as a friend.  This may be the simplest change you ever make in life, with the biggest impact.

  • Remove the temptation to settle for anything short of what you deserve.

  • The decide word is so powerful.  It's amazing what you can do once you decide to do it.

  • The value of routine; trusting your swing.

  • Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life.

  • Successful people consistently put their best "self" forward.

  • Kick the crutch out from under your excuses.

  • No one will ever blame you for trying to get it right.

  • Sometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck.

  • Once you figure out what you want in life -- expect nothing less.

  • Needs cause motivation.  Deep-rooted desires for esteem, affection, belonging, achievement, self-actualization, power, and control motivate us to push for what we want and need in our lives.

  • Extend your "best before" date by living a youthful life.

  • When the awareness of what is achievable brushes your life, your journey has begun.

Targeting Success

  • Scream out…“I AM AMAZING!”

  • We, as human beings, enjoy freedom of choice.  Your attitude is your choice!

  • Successful people play the part of being successful consistently in all that they do.

  • When you are destined for greatness, it shows in everything you do.  It becomes you. Greatness becomes you.

  • A good golfer’s métier is his or her golfing skill.  A great golfer’s métier is his or her golfing skill, coupled with the mastery of good sportsmanship, rendering him or her an ambassador for the sport.

  • We = power

  • Shoot for the biggest and boldest impact possible.

  • If you need a full corporate makeover—do it.  Moderation is just not going to cut it.

  • Not much in the world ends up being the same as it started out, unless of course it had a very short life cycle.

  • Which came first:  the change-ready company or the change-ready employee?

  • Wasted strokes, like missed deadlines, are preventable and costly.

  • Contained exhilaration is not nearly as exciting as its release… accept challenge!  What excitement do you have to share with the world?

  • The excitement of opportunity and challenge inspires us to push for greatness.

  • Consider the value of doing what you love and being paid for it!  This is truly a golfer’s dream.

  • There is no one right way.  Just figure out what works for you!

  • If you dread ending up in the bunker, practice these tricky out-of-the-sand shots until you master them. Think of it as insurance—we all have learned that, once you know you can make that shot easily, you will seldom need to!

  • In the event of a communication breakdown, decide whether you will dwell in the negative or rise above the angst and turmoil in a firm, positive manner and encourage all parties to listen and be heard.

  • If you’re not afraid of working hard, self-reliance comes easy!

  • Passion in life…is life. It’s contagious. Get naked and roll around in it.  People who enjoy living have it all figured out.  They are passionate, driven, alive, and they are real.

  • Surround yourself with people who love life and learn.

  • Your appearance, attitude, and confidence define you as a person.

  • A professional, well-dressed golfer, like a businessperson, gives the impression that he thinks that the golf course and/or workplace and the people there are important.

  • There is confidence convergence when mental prowess and business aptitude mesh.

  • Self-affirm—build yourself up with honest and genuine praise.

  • You have had many successes, and you have earned the right to be respected.

  • Don’t build roadblocks out of assumptions.

  • To desire to change one’s past means there is a desire to change oneself.  To desire to change oneself, one must learn to change.

  • People learn when they are ready to learn.  Are you ready?

When the awareness of what is achievable brushes your life, your journey has begun.
People learn when they are ready to learn. 

Are you ready?

Excellence prospers in the absence of excuses.