Q & A:  Targeting Success

Who is your publisher:  Leda Publishing Corp.

Who is your distributor(s): Greenleaf Book Group, Emerald Book Group

Who is your wholesaler(s): Baker & Taylor, Ingram

Where will your book be available for purchase:  All major book retailers and online stores. 

Is the book available in eBook format? Yes!  It is available in several different eBook formats.

Why did you write this book? Is there any “back story” that inspired you to write this book?

I have always written in one form or another:  music, management training manuals, marketing materials, business plans, and so on. I love to be creative and find a fresh way of looking at things and situations.

I also love golf.  I love to embrace healthy competition and feel the a sense of urgency that comes with wanting to win.

The idea of writing a book all came together a couple of years ago when a colleague on a whim suggested that I should write a book and I said “Yeah, I can write a book!” This is very much who I am!  I think I can do anything I put my mind to and I liked the idea of writing a book.

The natural progression was to write a business book using golf as a metaphor which I do believe to be totally original.  Needless to say, I am extremely competitive and so the challenge of writing a book was irresistible for me.

How is your book different than others out in the market? What needs does your book meet that makes it a must for someone to buy?

I know there are several golf/business books around but for the most part they deal with doing business over a game of golf.

My book is written in such a way that non-golfers will understand what I am talking about.  It is really meant to be a fresh, healthy competitive look at being successful in the workplace – any workplace.

The approach is casual and the book is packed with information.

What is the most controversial aspect of your message or book?

You can write a book using golf as a metaphor even if you are not a great golfer.

Your attitude will take you a long way, if you are willing to put yourself out there.

What specific problems or challenges does your target market face that your book can solve?

How to learn to improve so you can succeed at work and in life
How to break down self inflicted barriers to success
How to make great decisions and move forward
How to boost your confidence level
How to recognize challenges as opportunities
How to communicate fairly and get ahead
How to rewrite your mental vocabulary to support positive thought
How to utilize your strengths
How to strategize in order to succeed
How to empower yourself and others
How to become “change-ready”
How to develop the right team
How to become a leader within your industry

I could go on…

What are your FIVE key messages or talking points? If you were allowed to only make FIVE statements about your book’s theme or message what do you want readers/listeners to remember about you and or your book?

The message is pretty strong. 

You don’t have to be perfect.
You don’t have to get it right the first time. 
You just have to commit your efforts to develop a winning attitude:  success driven and confident.
Keep learning.  Refer to the 19th hole:  Educated Optimism
Success is the self-fulfillment of dreams.  This equates to you defining what success means to you and then having the guts to go for it!

Can you elaborate on these?


1.)You don’t have to be perfect.

A lot of people tend to sell them-selves short.  They think they are never quite ready.  Perhaps they think their credentials aren’t good enough.  You can justify why you are waiting, wait too long, and miss opportunities.  I believe perfection is over-rated!  If you want something, go for it!

2.)You don’t have to get it right the first time. 

The “3 Off the Tee” mentality means that even if you make a bad play, learn from it, and try again.  It doesn’t matter that you get it right the first time or on try number five.  What matters is that you keep trying until you do figure it out!

3.)You just have to commit your efforts to develop a winning attitude:  success driven and confident.

When you commit your efforts, you learn.  You become unstoppable.  When you know how to do things right, repeatedly, you develop winning habits.  Winning habits help you through even the most difficult times as you inherently know what needs to be done.  You are confident and ready to be successful. 

4.)Keep learning.  Refer to the 19th hole:  Educated Optimism

I coined the phrase educated optimism.  It deals with the value of continuing to learn throughout your life.  Learn about what you are interested in or passionate about and share that knowledge.  When you push yourself to learn you are taking time to invest in yourself.  Knowledge renders you interesting and lets you look forward with confidence.

5.)Success is the self-fulfillment of dreams.  This equates to you defining what success means to you.  Then having the guts to go for it!

Success means different things to different people.  Take time to define what success means to you.  Be clear.  It’s easier to get behind something that is really important to you. 

Remember -- No one can take the shot for you!

What three to five things do you want the media to know about you?

This is my mantra from the book:

I thrive on making things happen, and once I’m on board, the challenge is mine.

I am not deterred when I make a bad play; I just regroup and keep on going.

Ultimately, I know that a bad play simply means that I still have some work to do.


This is my slogan from the book:

The “right attitude is everything!”

What ONE question do you most often get asked when people meet you or learn about what you do?

From people that know me, the number one question is:

Where do you find the time to write?

From people that don’t know me:

I love the cover – who is that guy?

After being asked this repeatedly, I now just answer Steve, and they go - oh!!!

What themes in your book do you believe are relevant to current news topics, society, the world, or life in general?

How to self-improve and succeed in the workplace

How to reinvent yourself if starting a new career -- This has become be very relevant to those displaced due to effects of the recession

How to develop and motivate the right team so you can thrive through tough economic times

Is your book based on your own life in any way?

Yes!  All the stories in the book are true and I have always strived to live up to my expectations.  I have been very fortunate to have worked with innovative and entrepreneurial mentors.

How do you believe you’d react if you received an unfavorable review of your book either on air or in print?

Quite honestly I think that unfavorable reviews often attract more attention than good ones!  That being said, like anyone, I would prefer a good review ... of course.  Yet I can’t imagine that everyone will love my book as much as I do.  That would be way too easy!

Are there any additional comments you want to make about you and the focus of your book?

I really don’t want the book's focus to be about credentials.  It is about attitude -- the right attitude. 

My education opened the door for me originally but over the years I branched out in so many ways.  I see education as a springboard, a way to open the door but the rest is up to you.  I think you need to invest in yourself and continue to learn and grow your entire life.

The focus should be having the right attitude and knowing that you can reinvent yourself.  You can tap into your own sense of healthy competition and use it to learn how to play to win!